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Our adoptions are completed at Pet Supplies Plus.  Ask an employee to fill out an application and it will be either accepted or declined the same day.  

This includes the spay/neuter, rabies vaccination, FVRCP vaccination, and they have been dewormed and flea treated.

Take home your next BEST FRIEND today and give a beautiful baby kitten a home of her very own. 

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Kitty in a Cone

We acquired a little boy kitten with a horrible eye infection, which ultimately lead to the removal of his little eye. Poor fella' cried and cried for his buddies because he had to be isolated to help him heal. We put him in with them while we cleaned his litterbox, and we turn our backs for 1 second, and find our one eyed kitty climbing and rough housing with the other kittens. He is such an inspiration. Don't let anything hold you back from your adventure.

Our Mission

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Communities across the United States are being overrun by clowders, or homeless cat populations. Humane Societies and government-run animal organizations do not have the funds nor the volunteers to handle the breadth of services required to control and serve all of the communities in need.

It is estimated that there are between 60 and 100 million homeless cats in the United States. They endure rain, snow, freezing temperatures, and oppressive heat without any shelter to be protected. Many of them suffer from preventable and easily-treatable illnesses and conditions and are in need of medical care. 

        ​Cat overpopulation is difficult to combat in towns with limited resources. This leaves homeless cats to fend for themselves, which in turn creates a tenor of frustration in the community. Female cats in the clowders produce, on average, three litters per year. Each of those litters is comprised of 3-6  kittens. This is the number for just one female cat and there are typically many breeding age females per clowder. She can begin mating again while still nursing the first litter, and once those kittens are six months old, they will begin to mate as well. Each community has many unaltered cats, so the need for an organization with the expertise and ability to get the clowders under control is certainly great. The founder has extensive training with cats from the Jefferson County Humane Society and with the help of the humane officers advice on how to humanely help the communities and the cats, this program was founded. The St Gertrude Cat Initiative works closely with The Humane Society.

     One of the biggest obstacles communities face is that there are not many consistent laws concerning cat ownership. With other domesticated animals, such as dogs, there are regulations such as leash laws, but these do not exist for cats. This is part of the reason that there are so many stray cats. Nobody is being held accountable for their lack of care for their cats. People move, and they put their cats outside, leaving them to find a way to survive on their own. People adopt kittens, and then they release them once they are older and unwanted. These are just some of the ways cats become homeless.

 This is where St. Gertrude Cat Initiative can step in. If we can help control the population with TNR (trap, neuter, release), we can save more lives!  We provide shelter, spay/neuter services, basic wellness, food, and vaccinations.  We work with the townspeople to create a specific plan of action, tailored to their specific wants and needs to save the cats.  Preservation of life is the backbone of our organization. Together we can do great things!

Our Services

If you need additional services, please contact us in the form at the bottom of the page.


Trap, Neuter, Release. We study the areas of need and create a TNR plan with the community at the scheduled community meetings. Put together a team of volunteers and begin.


We coordinate the spay/neuter appointments, transportation and medical holding fosters, along with, maintaining the trap schedule and record keeping.


Typically we are contacted by a mayor or city leader and asked to speak at council meetings, but we are sometimes asked by concerned community members to come in and get the community on board.

Hoarder Help

Sometimes we come across a home that has gotten overrun by very well loved cats. Typically, it starts out as someone helping a pregnant stray and it turns into a BIG issue and health concern with too many cats to take care of.  We can work with social workers to help.


We have great presentations for schools!

Advice or Assistance

We will always listen and try to help, although we may not be able to help all cat issues that come our way, but we sure will try.

Rags to Riches

Mama Mae Mae was a downtown city cat, living on streets until she met some wonderful ladies at their place of work, who called and arranged for us to help her. Now she has had her litter and is the best mama, AND is trusting humans more and more, while learning how to be a house kitty in a home with love. Soon she will be spayed and her babies will also, when they are old enough. It will be a tough day for us ​when they have all been adopted.

Elaine Calabria reviewed The St Gertrude Cat Initiative — 5 star

January 17 at 7:31pm ·

The overwhelming need to give homeless cats a better life has been given very little attention. With This initiative , Finally, stray and feral cats have a chance at a better life. Education on the importance of neutering and spaying as well as the medical care provided, will significantly reduce such horrible suffering. So grateful to see this bringing awareness to people everywhere AND now our community can do something actively to help. I hope to see this spread so that these beautiful animals no longer suffer and die. It starts w one step. <3

Elaine Calabria

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