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I adopted a kitten, how do I get the approval for his neuter?

Once kitty weighs about 5 lb or is close to 5-6 months old, call 740-381-5170 to get set up. We exclusively use the Jefferson County Humane Society Clinic. 

I have been feeding a cat outside and it needs "fixed", but it's not my cat.

According to the Humane Operations team at JCHS, if a person is fulfilling one of the cat's needs (providing sustenance), the cat is then the responsibility of that person.  If you are completely overrun with too many cats give us a call for guidance and help.

I called many times, but nobody answers the phone. How do I contact you?

There are only 3 of us that volunteer, but keep in mind, we also have  families,  full-time jobs, and  our own pets. We are foster based, so we do not have a physical building. However, we do return every voicemail  in the order received. Please know that we get around 20 phonecalls each day during "Kitten Season" and we will get back, if you leave a voice or text message. 740-381-5170

Where can I see your available pets for adoption?

We do most of our adoptions through Pet Supplies Plus in Steubenville, Ohio. If you are interested in a specific color, temperament, breed, feel free to reach out via Facebook Messenger, or call 740-381-5170.

I found an adult cat. Can you take it in?

That depends on a few factors. Time of year. space, funding, We only have 1 enclosure for available cats. This drastically limits the amount of adults we can offer for adoption. We can help in other ways, though. Give us a call.